Tuesday, August 10, 2010


One of the most important parts of my preparation for the Leadville trail 100 was making sure I had someone who knew something about doing an event like this to advise me along the way. I didn't have to look any further than my mentor since my initiation into endurance sports. Before I took my first step into becoming an athlete I watched my friend Jason complete the 1993 Hawaii Ironman. I knew on that day that I had found my calling and Jason has been barraged by my endless questions ever since. He has always provided me with advice on how to train, what bikes to buy and he has blazed the trail ahead of me into the endurance mountain biking scene. Jason has competed in a number of stage races and 24 hour solo events so he has a wealth of knowledge. I tapped into his experience constantly and he not only helped me prepare physically, he also helped me with my equipment choices. I sent him endless emails with multitudes of questions and he always patiently responded. Jason is an amazing athlete and I am grateful that he so openly shares with me.

Jason rocking the Vineman 70.3 course

Over the winter I was lucky to have another great athlete and cyclist available to assist me with my preparation. Haywood gave me endless lessons on the mountain bike. It is because of him that I am able to ride hands free to take of my vest when needed. I will hear him telling me to stay relaxed the entire way on Saturday and hope that I can show I learned my lessons and practiced faithfully.

Who wouldn't listen to this guy!

The Todd also provided me with tons of insight into the Leadville Trail 100. The guy is a walking Leadville encyclopedia and he gave me all the answers I needed to my neurotic questions.

Having no idea how to prepare for this race a year ago I feel with the help of these three and countless others, I actually am prepared. Thanks dudes!!

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