Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Todd

Sadly, I am no longer training for a triathlon. This makes me sad on so many levels but mostly it freaks me out. Leadville is now so much more real and I can't just shove it to the back of the mind closet. Up until now, it has been after the marathon, after the half ironman, now there is nothing but LEADVILLE looming on the horizon. Now dear readers, you can see why I have been basking in the Caribbean glory for as long as I can. I know how to be a triathlete. I know how to train and prepare for a triathlon. I have no friggin' idea what I am doing now. I am entering unchartered waters so to speak.

Familiar waters, St Croix poolside taper

On the odd chance that it may have slipped my mind how far over my head I am in tackling Leadville, I can rely on 'the Todd' for constant reassurance. We are not talking about the soothing, cooing kind of reassurance. Not from 'the Todd'. Instead, immediately after my successful finish in St Croix, and my slaying of the beast, he sends me a message telling me I have more work to do than I can even fathom. He then proceeds to inform me he has already ridden the White Rim 100 mile trail in Utah this year. Solo. In one day. (probably with 50 extra pounds strapped to the frame of his bike). He plans to do it again. He also never fails to mention the hideous amount of elevation gain he does on his training rides. The real kicker is he likes to remind me that the race starts at 10,000ft above sea level and he lives around 7,000ft. I live at sea level. Oh, and he sleeps in an altitude simulation tent up to 12,000ft for two months leading into the race! Now, 'the Todd' does know what he is talking about, he has started the Leadville race many, many times. He hasn't always finished, but since only 65% of the field finish on any given year I guess the odds are if you start that many times, you won't always finish. He got a stomach bug last year and he didn't finish, not sure what happened the other times. He also has two bummed knees, so bummed he really doesn't have knees. Last I checked I had two working knees, I'm just saying!

The Todd and Jen Oak Creek Sedona, Nov 2009

I am sure that the Todd will be riding the latest and greatest equipment at Leadville. He will have a new bike that weighs less than a water bottle- an empty one! He will have some super slick fancy set of race wheels with tires that roll by themselves. He will have everything dialed in. I will get my bike tuned up, and I will put on a fresh set of tires. I will even put in new sealant, although to be fair the sealant that I put in September 2007 has been holding up quite well! (I just felt Haywood roll his eyes- you could have fixed it for me Haywood, I would have made you nanaimo bars;) ).  Pretty sure there is a book called 'its not about the bike' or something to that effect, so I will take two working knees over a tricked out bike. Yup, the Todd this is your official calling out. Might be time for you to go to the Robinson's and do some reading of children's stories. I'll be coming out of my shell on August 14th!!


  1. You're going to be great in Leadville. Nice work on that Beast too!

  2. OK... I can't in good conscience let you use tires and sealant from 2007! That sealant will be all hardened up by now anyway. Get out the Stan's and get to work!

  3. Supercrew, do you think that I should also replace the almost bald tire on the rear too??