Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recently my high school nemesis sent me a message that he is reading my 'shitty blog'. (I know readers, not the adjective I would have chosen either. I would have said, captivating, or even Pulitzer award winning worthy, but shitty?!) Anyways, said fella, whom I will call Patsy, mostly because I called him that in high school and it bugged him, got me to thinking. In high school we were enemies who loved to hate each other. We also thrived on exposing each others weaknesses. I will admit, I partook in giving as much as taking. I also admit I provided Patsy with plenty of ammunition over the years. I had glasses, braces, played the trumpet in the concert band, was a book worm, I was a late developer and my voluptuous breasts were a little slow in showing up. Oh wait, I'm still waiting on that last part, so I guess I am a REALLY late developer. What provided him with the most entertainment was that I was in 4-H. I was actually in sewing 4-H, which if you think about it, is the height of geekdom, but he always made cow jokes directed at me. Come on, I handed you sewing 4-H on a silver platter, and you made cow jokes?? Well, he is now reading my blog and says he finds inspiration from my athletic endeavors. (I paraphrased a little bit there). Now, this poor guy has never experienced a runners high, and he runs as part of his work. How incredible would it be to be able to run for work, maybe even run and get high at work. Too bad for him that he doesn't enjoy running. Although, the way he was built in high school, he looked like the perfect distance runner!

SHH, I might have borrowed this from his facebook!

The message that Patsy sent me (okay, I still get too much of a kick out of calling him that, I guess I haven't matured at ALL!),  was very flattering. To think that my undertakings can motivate someone to take on their own challenges is very humbling. I already feel like I have succeeded and I haven't even towed the starting line yet! I also realized, if he is reading, who else is reading and I had better start posting more flattering pictures of myself;)

Check out my sweet pooka shells, and those awesome glasses!

I look so much cooler these days!

Patty, thanks for driving me to my limits all those years ago and for letting me inspire you even just a little these days. Know, that I still have the ability to laugh at myself, a lesson you taught me the hard way. I am proud to be your nemesis ( mostly, I like the idea of being a nemesis because she was the Goddess of  Rhamnous, and I just want to be a goddess!)


  1. haha. Great post. You are a Goddess!

  2. Awesome! I also took sewing. Sadly, I do not use this skill anymore...