Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Racing Weight

Athletes tend to determine if they are fit in a number of ways. One of the determining factors that is used is 'racing weight'. I too have used this term in the past. If I had been asked what formula I used to conclude what the appropriate number was, I admit I would have been flustered. I randomly picked a number out of the air. Truth be told, I have raced at a number of different weights in the past, with varied results. I have not found a direct correlation to my weight and my race performance. I have noticed that my nutrition during training and recovery does have a profound impact on my ability to race well. Instead of concerning myself with a number on the scale in preparation for Leadville, I focused on getting quality nutrients into my body for fuel.

Wheat grass, Yummy!!

Recently a good friend mentioned that she has not reached her race weight. I disagree with her judgement, she has been racing almost weekly and kicking butt. Seems to me that she is at her perfect race weight. For me, I will be at race weight when I hit the starting line because I have decided that whatever weight I am racing at is racing weight!

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