Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mental Loop

My plan starting January 1st was to get some bike fitness. After a fall pretty much off the bike and a December of very little exercise at all my first ride of the year was not spectacular. I figured at the end of a three month period I could turn that around drastically. Today was the day to see if I had been successful. I chose a route to ride that in the past has chewed me up and barfed me out (yes, spit me out is mild compared to what this loop has done to me).

Right from the start today, I had to stay true to my commitment that I would do this route no matter how long it took. A couple of blocks from my house I noticed that there was a strange wobble in my rear wheel. Upon inspection, my rear tire had a weak spot and had popped out. I turned around, went home and put on a new tire. Grateful that it happened early and not in the middle of the ride, but also wondering if it was a sign to pull the plug. So many times during the ride there were options to change my route, take a short cut or turn around but I stayed the course. What didn't stay the course was the wind, it managed to change just in time to always be a headwind. I was out breaking wind by myself (from both ends:)) I had plenty of time to think while I was out there as it was a long day in the saddle. A good day for clearing my mind and a day that showed I have gained the bike fitness I was seeking.

I have a habit of running the same reel over and over in my head. One benefit of this is I have an outstanding memory but some things I would rather not remember. Lately, my mind has been playing a movie that I would rather not watch. Nothing clears my mind better than being out in nature, and today I was working so hard to get through the ride that on my mental route I was able to reset the mental loop.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York State Of Mind

My last recovery week was spent in NYC. Lots of walking, only one run and no biking. All those stairs in and out of the subway though must count for something (especially when you keep going down the wrong side of the subway).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Talking to Squirrels

I've written some great blog posts this month while out on the trails but I haven't posted any of them. By the time I finish my workouts and all the other stuff that needs to be done by the end of the day I fall into bed. Just wanted to let my two readers know that I am still getting the training done and things are moving along on schedule. Lucky for you my incoherent ramblings are left to the squirrels out on the trails, they seem to really appreciate my revelations. Squirrels do love nuts:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marching On

If I am to believe the cute puppy calendar up on my fridge we are already in the month of March. That means I have less than 4 months now until my first race of the Leadwoman series. Four months isn't a lot of time when you look forward so I like to look back. Where was I four months ago in terms of fitness and where am I now. It is about four months since I signed up for this challenge and I have made forward progress. When I filled out my application I had to state my longest run was 50km. I could now put 50miles, that's a few steps in the right direction. Still, it's hard not to panic with such a huge summer looming over me. While I am a huge believer in not looking back in life, looking back in training is always a good thing. It is hard to see the progress in a micro cycle so reviewing the macro is very helpful in keeping the panic at bay. For now my preparation in training is just like the races will be, one step at a time, Marching On.

Spring flowers are putting a spring in my step