Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In most stables the racehorses get all the glory but the workhorses do all the work. My stable is not an exception. The workhorse in my barn is my road bike. This fella puts in hours and hours of work in all kinds of weather and never gets to see a race course. He is neglected terribly and continues to click off mile after mile without complaint. He is super hardy and low maintenance. Oh sure, he occasionally gets a flat tire or needs a little chain lube but that is minor.

Flat Tire Repair

 I ride him hard, put him away wet and dirty and he still is up for anything I throw at him. No whining or squeaking when he is put on the indoor trainer and he barely makes a peep when he is made to cover super rough pavement. For eight years he has been rolling along without regular maintenance while the racing bikes get all the attention. To show my appreciation to my Pinarello for all his years of hard work and service, I promised him a special kind of spa day when I get home from Leadville. He is going to get all new cables and housing, new brake hoods and I'll even clean him! After all that, he will be feeling his oats like a young colt in the spring.

Thanks for the trials of miles and miles of trials Pinny!

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