Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sonic Boom

Yesterday there are many reports of a sonic boom that was felt and heard all the way from California to Nevada. I did not experience this phenomenon as at the time I was in the water swimming. Swimming the fastests 100's of my life. Coincidence?

I apologize for the scare everyone. I will be swimming again tomorrow, consider yourself forewarned:)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Today is national running day and the question is why do you run? My reason for running today is so different than it was when I began. Over the years I have learned that running is a great way to explore new and old places. Some of my favorite travel memories involve running. Here are a few pictures that I have taken on runs over the years (at least since I've had a digital camera).

 Cottage in Hyde Park London

 River in Patagonia Argentina

 Early Morning on the Seine in Paris

 Catalina Island

 Virgin River in Utah

 Oak Creek Sedona Arizona

Sunset Cardiff by the Sea- there really is no place like home:)

Hope everyone got out and got their run in today in celebration of all that running brings to our lives. I know my life has been greatly enriched since the day I became a runner.