Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tough Life

Living in Southern California is really hard sometimes. Especially living here and having an active outdoor lifestyle. There are so many obstacles that are put in our way. This week all the difficulties have been glaringly obvious to me as I have slogged through workout after workout. In case any of you are considering packing up and moving here, I want to warn you, it can be torturous and only the toughest will survive. (only the really hard core can even think of thriving). Don't believe me? Just look at what I had to endure on my tempo run the other day.

not only did I have to listen to the sound of surf...

but I was forced to look at purple flowers on an empty trail.

Excuse me while I decompress from these traumatic experiences by going for a bike ride on busy traffic congested roads through the slums of Rancho Santa Fe.

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