Sunday, March 27, 2011

Printed Word

It is said that the printed word is becoming obsolete in today's digital age. I admit, I find that I prefer to read my newspaper online, mostly on my phone. The greatest thing about it is that I always have my preferred papers at hand. This comes in handy when waiting at appointments as I no longer have to read 6 month old magazines or last weeks newspaper. Mostly though, I appreciate it when I can read my news in bed without having to get it from the front door. Yesterday it was brought to my attention the importance and usefulness of the printed word. I am now an advocate for printed news. It has many uses, beyond lining a bird cage. The printed word has and continues to be a saviour for many a cyclist when the temperatures drop and a bone chilling wind whips up. Stuff a bit of newsprint down the front of your jersey and you have a thermal layer, it also helps the lower back area. Wonderful, this contemporary way of getting the news, and I normally can't read the news while in the shower because my phone is not water proof but after my ride I could read all about Don's markets special on strawberries as I scrubbed the words off of my front side!

In case anyone is heading to Santa Ysabel, strawberries are $1.99/pd! (local and fresh)

I hope that the printed word does not cease to exist. If is does become extinct there are going to be some really cold cyclists, and some birds wondering why there is a laptop at the bottom of their cage!

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  1. Ah yes, the classic newspaper down the jersey. I take it you rode Palomar? Too bad when you're here in June we can't work in a Hurricane Ridge ride, you could play the fun "how long do I have to wait for Alison" game at the top!