Thursday, March 24, 2011


One week as in seven days as in 168 hours. That is all it took for the resident athlete to overtake me. On his second real ride on his new road bike (because we aren't counting the 15 minute ride around the neighbourhood) he managed to drop me going up the very first hill. Oh, and he started up said hill behind me! In his attempt to take the sting out of this he told me that I was a slow starter. I think he meant I am slow at starting out on each ride, not that I have been at it for 17 years compared to his one week! I hope that is what he meant. I now have a huge incentive to work on my slow starts, I'll cough up a lung and be passed out on the side of the road before I let that sneak attack occur again! My 17 years of a head start are going to be quickly erased but the upside of this is I will get to spend hours staring at me hearties lycra clad butt. Yup, I like to see the glass full, full of sweat cause I won't quit trying.

Note: he is no longer riding in his golf shoes!

'You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are be doomed if you don't try'

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  1. Beginner's luck? Maybe you should "adjust" his rear brake so it rubs a bit... :)