Friday, April 1, 2011

New Sport, New Name

That's it, I am going to take up roller derby. I have a background in ice skating, I can maneuver on wheels and I LOVE their outfits! You get to wear fishnets and all women know that nothing makes your legs look better than fishnets! You can even wear a tutu if you choose, oh and not to mention the cool names that you get to have. Plus, hips put you at a huge advantage when it comes to getting through the crowd, not to mention padding for landing on. Yup, roller derby is for me, no more crazy knee warmers that make my legs look like sausages in casing, I'm trading it all in for fishnets and a cool name.

Now, I just need a kick butt derby name and I need my readers help. Start sending in the suggestions and when I make my derby debut I'll let you all know!


  1. I've thought about taking up roller derby. But I'm a wimp and there's a reason they couldn't get me to play rugby in college, I don't like being hit/knocked around. Sorry, no help with the name.

  2. OK, I'll suggest a name even though I know the punch line to this post. I really think your roller derby name should be Canadian Beaver.