Friday, March 18, 2011

Injured Diva?

My running partner is currently suffering a minor injury. Nothing that needs any treatment other than rest but she is unable to run with me. Too bad her injury isn't from actually running. No, she doesn't get running injuries cause she is built to run, this is a wrestling injury.  For some reason she thinks it is a good idea to wrestle way above her weight class, actually she only wrestles opponents who are double her weight or more. Therefore, she took a hit and now has a minor limp, which seems to get worse when I tell her not to do something or don't let her stop and smell every blade of grass. (it also miraculously disappears whenever she spots a potential wrestling partner approaching). When she thinks I am not looking the limp turns into more of a hitch in her step. I guess I will be running without her for a few more days mostly because I don't want to be known as the mean lady who makes her dog run with a limp. If only the people in the hood could see how it doesn't prevent her from ripping around and vaulting over the furniture. Nope, no limp then, wonder if I told her we were going to run to see the horses what would happen to the limp? Did I ever mention that my running partner is a DIVA who will use any tactic to get her way!

PS- Hills are so much easier to run up when you don't have to pull a 40lb (oh, excuse me, 39.6 lb) princess up them all. Sorry little Diva, you missed out, it was a beautiful morning to run. How's that injury?

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