Monday, March 14, 2011

Resident Athlete

Readers, you may not be aware but a professional athlete resides in my house. Don't worry, you didn't miss the announcement of me entering the pro ranks of cyclocross (pretty confident that I should be able to do a moving mount prior to getting my pro card, oh, and I think they have some other standards like you can't place last in your old lady division), no the pro athlete has been here for awhile. That's right, me Hearty is a professional athlete, and he likes to remind me of this on occasion. Such as when he is whooping my butt at bowling and I whine a little (you would whine too if your high score started in a 6 and was double digit). That is when he says 'well, I am a professional athlete afterall'. Like that is meant to make me feel better, he is not a professional bowler, although some argue that his sport isn't anymore of a sport than bowling, or say - gasp, curling. I am not going to get into the semantics of what makes a sport a sport and an athlete an athlete but I am going to say only one person in this house has ever made money doing their sport and it isn't me!

Mr. Pro athlete and I often take vacations where we ride our mountain bikes and he usually only rides when we are on such vacations. Therefore, there have been a few occasions when I have actually been better at him at something. Which to be fair, the only reason I have been better at him is my conditioning. He still has more technical skill than I do, and he is riding a clunker with crappy brakes and gearing and really no shocks at all, so even when I do get over something he doesn't it is because of the bike, not my skill. You have to understand that this is BIG to me. He has always been better or even at everything we have done, even if he is new to it. Oh, except for curling, I am a WAY better curler than him! (he still won't admit that the time we won a bonspeil was because of my great skip ability and thinks it was his rocks as 3rd, whatever!). Anyways, up until now I have had him on the bike. Yesterday Mr. Pro athlete decided he wanted to try road riding and he borrowed a bike and set out. Of course, nothing but a pro team bike for his first road ride. I am doomed, my time of dominance is coming to an end. I see a future of watching my husband become a small speck on the horizon or disappearing over the crest of a hill because the resident athlete becomes very good at whatever he chooses to do. At least I'll always have curling;)

PS; Mom, he may need a jersey of his own for his birthday, he can't raid his wife's closet forever, plus, I am not sure he is looking too pro with his jersey 2 inches too short!


  1. Woot woot - Tiiiiiimmahhh! Maybe Jason can bring him some jerseys he doesn't want anymore? Then at least he'll be wearing clothes for the proper gender.

  2. I covet those jelly bellys. Can't wait to ride with you both!