Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear John

I have been struggling with this decision for a long time now and this is very difficult for me to write but we are no longer right for one another. It is not you, it is me. You have been a wonderful partner for our entire 11 year relationship, unfortunately, over the last year my eyes have been roaming and that is not fair to you. I have developed stronger feelings for another and I can't continue to do this to you. You deserve to be happy and be with someone who will appreciate your handsome, sleek appearance and be proud to be seen out with you. I am just not the right girl for you anymore as I find myself unable to remain faithful. I am sorry that I can't tell you this in person but I am afraid that if I look at you all those old feelings will come rushing back and I won't have the courage to make the clean break that we both need. Thank you for the fast times and the unwavering reliability you provided. I appreciate that not once did you let me down or leave me stranded. When you get some time to reflect you will realize that we have grown apart and are both headed in different directions in life. If you think about it, I haven't taken you out since May and I am sure you are starting to daydream of another. I wish you all the best and know you have a fantastic future with someone who will be thrilled everyday to be with you. I understand that we won't be able to remain friends and I don't expect us to acknowledge each other in public if we run into each other with our new partners. May you have a wonderful, full filling and fast time on the road of life. Goodbye.

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