Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebration Time

Yesterday was the last day in a big two week block of training for me. Note, I said for me! Pretty sure that it would be considered an easy week to the big boys of cycling. I still felt the need to celebrate. Hey, anything to get me through. It seems that the whole nation wanted to celebrate with me. There were parties everywhere. I am not quite narcissistic enough to think that everyone was observing the beginning of my recovery week, but it was great that I was surrounded by festive people. The entire nation was coming together and celebrating independence with parades, barbeque's, picnics and firework displays.

As my legs turned over the last few miles and I saw all the revelling beach goers I realized, riding a bike has always been a symbol of independence for me. Once I was able to ride a bike, I had a sense of freedom. I could get places on my own power and enjoy the autonomy that afforded. After all these years, it seems fitting to celebrate the ability to ride a bike as far and as often as I want. I don't think that the firework displays all over the country were too much for my sense of accomplishment!

Fireworks in Waikiki

'There's a party goin' on right here, A celebration to last throughout the years, So bring your good times, and your laughter too, We gonna celebrate your party with you!'. Imagine dear readers, if the end of two big bike mileage weeks calls for fireworks, what the party at the Leadville finish line will be like!

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