Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roadside Angels

A few days ago I got a flat tire while I was riding. Actually, I have been getting lots of flat tires lately. I was wondering if I was getting more than usual since they seem to be occurring so frequently. I realized that they are probably happening no more than regularly, I am just riding more miles and therefore, the flats are closer together in time. Well, that is what I have convinced myself is happening. Being that I fancy myself a handy mechanic, I quickly removed the thorn that deflated me and put in a new inner tube. I was pumping it up when the valve stem broke off. No worries, I have a patch kit. Can I just tell you, a patch kit is of no use if the glue is dried up! Now I was stranded on the side of the road wondering what Macgyver would do? Just then the roadside angels appeared in a truck with a bike rack on the back. They had a floor pump but didn't have road tire tubes with them. As they tried to assist this damsel in distress we got to chatting. I told them I was training for Leadville. They actually knew what this was, so when we couldn't fix the tire on the spot, I got in the truck with them and they took me to their place of employment. When we got there, I knew for sure that I had been rescued by road angels because they took me to heaven!

Heaven -aka the Ellsworth warehouse!

While I was getting a tour of the warehouse a nice guy fixed my tire for me. I am pretty sure they had to mop the floor after I left, I was salivating profusely over all the beautiful bikes. I had the privilege of seeing the new carbon fiber road and triathlon bikes, I even got to touch them! All I can say is AMAZING! If I was a regular girl, this would be the equivalent to being in the Tiffany's warehouse. Everywhere I looked I saw bling! Ellsworth has amazing bikes but they also have amazing people working there who care about cyclists. To me, on this day, they were truly heaven sent!

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