Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mid 70's

Living in San Diego on the coast I have come to expect the summer weather forecast to always be, sunny and mid to high 70's. I guess I have gotten a little spoiled over the years, okay maybe a whole lot of spoiled. Well, lately I have been thrown for a loop. I have seen mid 70's quite often as of late, but never in relation to the outside temperature. The mid 70's that I keep seeing is when I am doing my altitude training on the stationary bike trainer. At least I think that is what I am seeing on the monitor. It is much easier to focus on the stars that are swirling in front of my eyes.

What I see most of the time

I am currently doing my training at 12,000 feet and have been sleeping for over two weeks at 10,120 feet above sea level. The relevance of this is that I am now sleeping a mere 32 feet below the town of Leadville and am training 500 feet below the top of Columbine mine. I am training at this altitude for 30 minutes at a time, hope the stars don't turn into a meteor shower in front of my eyes when I am up there longer! In just over a week I head to Leadville to do some training on the actual race course. I am sure I will be enlightened at that time as to whether all my sweaty, lung bursting sessions have done the intended job. Until then, I will continue to produce my own version of mid 70's days and hope that at some point this summer the sun makes an appearance in Sun Diego!

 'Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get'.-Mark Twain

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