Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving On

Back in March I broke up with my Kestrel.  It was my choice we parted ways and I have already moved on to a new bike. Just because I ended the relationship though doesn't mean I didn't have second thoughts. I would see him sitting there in the garage while I took my new love out for a ride and I would be guilt ridden. Really, was it necessary to cast him aside? Even though I knew that our relationship had run its full course and that it needed to end, it didn't make the memories go away. While he waited for a new relationship to take him out of darkness, I flaunted my new sleek butterfly inducing partnership in his wheels. I was giddy with new love and had no problem letting him witness the growing of my new affection. When was the last time he had been cleaned post every ride? Been shown off to friends? When was the last time we were decked out in matching outfits? Yes, I was rather cruel in my leaving him behind. This week he found a new rider who thinks the sun rises and sets on him. Like the beginning of any relationship they were both glowing and looking at each other fondly. I know that it was my choice that we parted ways, but seeing him move on and be happy was still like a dagger in my heart. Is it wrong that I expected him to spend years pining for me in the dark, reminiscing about the thousands of miles we rode together? Did he just cast aside all memory of the races where we were united as one, moving seamlessly through the terrain? Will he be in the middle of a race and yearn for me and the speed with which we would flow? I know that I will always recall our time together fondly but now that he too is happy, it should be easier for me to solidify my ties with my new bike. I mean, there is no longer anyone waiting in the wings to take me back. It is time for both of us to be moving on.

Our last time as a happy couple

'Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end'

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