Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sensory Ride

Today's ride was the perfect ride for my senses. All five of them were satiated and happy by the time I got home.

My sight was thrilled with the fantastic views and vistas that we came upon. Loved that everything is so green and colorful right now. Flowers in abundance and the beautiful bright sunshine made everything look picture perfect.

My hearing got to enjoy the chatter of good positive company. Oh and also a little bit of wind whistling as we descending at top speed from the great climbs we did.

My taste was thrilled with the dried banana that I packed with me for a mid ride snack. My taste buds were even more thrilled with the chocolate cookies fresh out of the dehydrator when I got home. Mostly, though I think that my taste buds were ecstatic that today, no bugs were consumed!

My touch loved the feel of warm sunshine on my bare arms and legs.

Mostly though today was day for smelling. Flowers were blooming everywhere. From the rose vines covering a fence to the lemon trees in bloom. The best of all was from the miles of honeysuckle that lined the road. It smelled heavenly, so much so in fact that we stopped and brought some with us for the rest of the ride. Olfactory heaven I tell you.

Picking some honeysuckle

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  1. I love all the smells of spring blooms - especially honeysuckle! Oh, and lilac of course!