Friday, May 27, 2011

Spa Girl

This week me hearty whisked me away for a couple of nights to a lovely resort and spa. How wonderful, a spa with an adult only tranquility pool, access to a gym, tons of delightful rejuvenating treatments. So, how did I spend my spa time?

The first luxury I partook in was a mud treatment. Now this seems to be a standard offering on any spa menu but my mud bath took place before I even reached the resort. Prior to arriving at our destination we had a quick stop where I did a 1 hour cross county mountain bike race. Nothing like redlining for just over an hour to feel you deserve a vacation! This mountain bike race had a surprise for us. The single track portion down along the lake was quite swampy and by the time the race started all the pre lap riding had made it into a mud pit. On my pre ride I was able to ride through the mud without any problem. By the time I got there on my first lap of three during the race I had to dismount and run a portion. Each lap I had to dismount earlier due to traffic and the depths of the mud. On the third lap I was sinking to my knees in parts! At first I couldn't figure out why there were guys with their bikes stashed in the bushes standing on the side of the course with big sticks. Turns out they were shoe fishing. The mud had sucked their shoes right off of their feet. I hope that they found them, it didn't look very promising. Anyways, after the race, my bike and I were mud packed. I hear that mud is very good for the skin, not sure how good it is for my bikes drive train. With one luxury treatment down, we made our way to our get away location. I am sure that I scored huge points with housekeeping when I dragged my mud dripping bike into our room! The rinse that I gave it at the hose after the race didn't seem to remove all the mud from the tire treads.

My second spa treatment was an exfoliation for my skin. The kind of thing that removes the rough old dead skin. Usually this is done with a nice massage and a salt scrub. Imagine, being in a cool dimly lit room with lovely relaxing music playing while your body gets rubbed down and the rough patches removed from your skin. Sound simply wonderful doesn't it. My treatment didn't quite go that way. Instead I chose to exfoliate my hands and knees on an hour and half run up and down a mountain with no shade and temperatures rising to 98 degrees when I took a nose dive and rolled down the hill of rocks and rough sand. Luckily, no one witnessed my nimble footed move but I did get some odd looks on my way back to the bottom. The worst looks came when I entered the resort property. I couldn't believe that they thought the little bit of blood on my knee was a big deal. They didn't. I saw when I got into my room that they were wondering what this savage who didn't bath was doing wondering around their pristine spa grounds!

Just a little dirty

I don't think you are suppose to take exfoliation quite that deep!

The last time that I ran this trail we saw a girl coming down while we were going up. She was in a tiny little sports bra and skirt and looked fresh as a daisy. We got fooled into thinking that maybe there was a spa at the top. This week I saw her again on the trail. This time she was going up while I was descending. Once again, she had a tiny top and little pair of shorts with perfectly done hair and makeup. She was dabbing her forehead with a white towel (how she keeps so clean I'll never know) while I was dripping sweat and blood, and looking like I had crawled out of the bushes. Spa Girl (as I have named her) probably doesn't drag a muddy bike into her room and return from a 90 minute treatment covered in dust and blood, she looked much too proper for that kind of behaviour. This spa girl felt that a float in the lazy river was well earned after her treatments were over!

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