Monday, May 24, 2010

King of the Mountain

Last week was the Tour of California professional bike race. It is always fun to go and watch these guys ride, and this year I had extra incentive. You see, I have heard that not only is a certain Lance guy planning on doing Leadville again, so is his team mate Levi. This was a perfect opportunity to go and check out the competitions training (because you know that they are only using these little bike races to prepare for Leadville;)). We got a prime location on the highest point of the days stage and set up camp.

View we woke up to

My rock solid reasoning was that I would ride the climb up Dawson Saddle and thus I would be doing basically the same training as the boys. Okay, not rock solid, but in my defense I don't have a clue what I am doing! I was doing altitude training as we had slept at 7900 ft and I was riding at elevation. It was a spectacular morning to ride and I managed to be the first female over the top (okay, I had a REALLY early start!) There was a steady flow of riders all day including my friends the Sullivans, so random that we were all at the same point of the days route and we hadn't even discussed it.

KOM (maybe just Queen)

You take my breath away!

We had great neighbours for viewing and Supercrew and Jason showed up to watch with us. It was their first stage of a major road race and Jason was swept up in the excitement of the passing peloton. He took off up the road running and cheering. Next time he will be more prepared and have his speedo on!

Lead group of 7

The Crew set up next to us, they were FUN!

 I was huffing and puffing up this climb but the real deal guys sure made it look effortless. In all fairness though, I was ahead of them cresting the climb. Wonder if I can get a 6 hour headstart at Leadville??

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