Friday, May 28, 2010

Gift Horse

Last week Me Heartie (yup, the name is here to stay!) brought me home a gift. A gift so exciting and big it would make any girls heart swoon. Not new jewelry, not a new purse, not a new car and whatever else normal girls think of when I say an exciting gift. Being that it is already established that I am off to the side of normal on the continuum (that was established by my being exciting about getting into the Leadville trail 100), you have to think outside the box. It wasn't a new bike, or a new puppy either. Nope, I got a new tool for my workshop. He bought me a fancy, super duper air compressor.

My New Toy

Now, I know some of you are thinking, what was the occasion for such an elaborate gift. We did just celebrate our anniversary so maybe that was what it was for. When you get a wonderful gift, it doesn't serve to question why or what for. Ever heard the saying 'don't kick a gift horse in the mouth' ? Rather, than sit around questioning the motives and whether I deserve such a gift, I just celebrated it and got to work! I have already had lots of fun with my new toy. Let me just say that I am no longer sporting 3 year old tires and sealant on my trusty stead. I do need to point out that I went three years without a flat, so something on that system was working. Too bad I wore the rear flat. Just in case my gift horse is reading, while I am not opposed to jewelery, new bikes or puppies as presents, this gift was very thoughtful and much more personal and less cliche! Thank you!!


  1. My dolly needs to see your air compressor about some air.

  2. Yay! Here's to some new sealant!