Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chasing the Black Line

It has only been two and a half weeks since my triathlon season ended and my biking season began. I have been doing triathlon a long time and people always ask me what is my favorite of the three disciplines. The answer to this question is interchangeable. You could ask me that question seven days in a row and get a different answer. Heck, you could ask me in the same day and get a different answer. If I just finished a run, even if it was only mediocre that would probably be the sport I would pick. The same goes for the other two. Right now, with my focus being on biking the thing I am missing the most is the swimming. Here is my list of reasons, in no particular order, that I miss chasing a black line back and forth in a pool.

St Croix, our secret swim and snorkel beach

1) As unique as speedo tan lines look in a strapless dress, they look better than biker tan lines, I have been asked many times at events if I was a swimmer, and I am pretty sure that my shoulders didn't tip them off;) Are they now going to think I am a - gasp - golfer?

2) When I swim three to four days a week, I know when to wash my hair. I know this should be easy to figure out, but I am struggling and am only 2.5 weeks in. If you see me with dreads you'll know what happened.

3) Masters swimming is pretty social, and I already miss seeing my friends. Even if most of our conversations are about who gets to be the caboose on the masters train.

4) There is a hot tub and sauna at the pool. Sure I could still go and use those facilities, but it is so easy once you are wet and in your bathing suit to enjoy a quick post swim luxury. (I also don't want to turn into one of those ladies that spend hours naked and stretching in the sauna)

5) The smell of chlorine coming out of my pores when I get a good sweat going is my barometer for how good my post swim bike or run is going. Now, I won't have the smell of chlorine to mask the stink and will just have to guess on how hard I am working.

6) Being in water and having it move over my body as I swim along is great active recovery, aqua massage.

7) I love the way the sunlight looks coming through the water.

8) Swimming keeps my math skills fresh. Okay, it is simple math but the way many of those guys struggle with the clock you would think we were doing quantum physics problems!

9) Mindlessly staring at a black line for an hour is meditative and calming. There is nothing mindless for me about riding rocks and ruts (or curbs!).

10) Being forced to wear a bathing suit several times a week makes sure I keep up my personal hygiene  (you know what I mean) - okay that may be Me Hearties number one reason that he misses me swimming!

Tana Swimming

For now, I will still go and stare at the black line once a week but there won't be much chasing going on. I am mostly going to the pool so that my hair at least gets wet, if not washed once a week;)

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