Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Special Connections

I can relate to the Bachelor.(sadly, yes I watch the show, mostly cause it makes me Hearty squirm).  I know how hard it is to cultivate more than one relationship at a time. You don't want to play favorites and hurt anyones feelings but you also have to be true to yourself. The pressure can be a little overwhelming at times and still you must go on, nurturing what you have with each one and hoping that the sparks ignite an eternal flame. Luckily for me, I only get one on one dates, there is no way I could keep all my boys happy on a group date, and to be frank, it would be exhausting being that intimate with multiple partners within minutes. Nope I'll stick to my one on ones.

I was wondering the other day as I prepared for a one on one if my boys are anxiously awaiting the date card to find out who gets to go out that day. Do they whisper to one another when they hear the key turn on the door to the locker, and get themselves all handsome looking hoping that it will be them that gets pulled out?  When they get back from their date do they share all the intimate details of what we did and where we went? Gosh I hope they don't compare notes, that could be slightly awkward.

When I go out on a date I am looking for my guy to be fun, adventurous and have a love of exploring. Sometimes, I like to get dirty and on my last one on one, I did just that. My fella for this excursion was smooth and I have to say pretty easy on the eyes. We headed out after some rains and although he is rugged and manly he showed me his softer side and took me to a romantic location. Complete with a bubbling stream where I could enjoy my picnic of dried banana.

Romantic Picnic Location

Of course, after such a wonderful time, my date came home with a rose. I have four boys I am courting still and I am not ready to eliminate any of them just yet. I do need to spend some time with a few of them and reconnect as we haven't been alone for awhile. How is it that I can have four such strong connections with such different boys? How do I know it is love?  Each time I lay eyes on them from a new angle or find them beneath me, I just know, they are all for me and we each have a special connection. Every relationship has ups and downs, but to each of my guys I say thanks for the ride!


  1. Does one of them know I'm storing a new boy for you in my closet? And that it's replacing one? That will be a tough day when you have to explain that one...