Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jazzing It Up

Rather than do the same old, same old yesterday I jazzed up my run. Well, maybe it wasn't planned but it was appreciated. As I was coming to the finish I started to hear notes wafting through the air ,and this time it was not music made from my thighs rubbing. No this time it was rag time jazz being played on a horn. Once upon a time, I played the trumpet. I learned a real appreciation for the sound of clear notes drifting out of the horn, mostly due to the fact that my playing was rather rudimentary. As I enjoyed the surprise concert I felt a little boogie woogie enter my step. My ears weren't the only part of me listening, my feet were feeling the jazz and suddenly my run had rhythm and meaning.

'Jazz is the music of the body' -Anais Nin

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