Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sometimes the ones you love rub you the wrong way. It is not intentional but the chaffing that results is the real deal. You can't change what they are doing but you can change your preparation and reaction. Thus, when I decided to put miles and miles on the bike last year I embarked on my own self discovery mission. To maintain harmony and not open up any nasty wounds I started experimenting, because maybe in the past I had become too predictable and wasn't willing enough to try something new. That is when it happened. I don't want to tarnish any ones reputation but a certain professional cyclist with the initials DZ crossed the line and got a little too friendly with me, ME a happily married woman. I was in a position of vulnerability, I was looking for a cure for the abrasive behaviour my boys were doling out and before I knew it a new man was giving me tingling feelings...... down there. Totally unexpected and completely distracting, some might say blissful. Now if you read his claims, it says NO TINGLING, so you can imagine my surprise when I was riding along and I experienced the first quiver. Luckily, I was on a lonely stretch of road so when I bobbled and lost my line, I didn't swerve into traffic. That would have been hard to explain! Over the winter I haven't been spending many hours on my saddles but I am about to, I am going to rekindle the tingle.  If you see me riding along with a smile on my face you'll know it's because I am enjoying the blissful day. And, if you happen to run into that pro cyclist, let him know that flowers are an appropriate gesture when he gets so friendly with a lady, oh and thank him for the lack of saddle sores too;) It's been Bliss!

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