Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lady in Waiting

That's right, today I got to live out a fantasy and be a lady in waiting (cause really, every girl dreams of being the princess, why not the maid?!). However, I wasn't waiting in a fancy parlor surrounded by opulence. I also wasn't waiting on a queen, just a princess with four paws, but that I do everyday. Today I was waiting on a package. A very important delivery from the UPS man that required me to be home. The time frame for delivery was rather broad and I didn't want to risk missing the drop off. That would mean having to spend another day in anticipation so I settled in for the long haul.

Taking a bike ride was far too risky of a venture, or was it? Not if I set my bike up in the yard on the trainer and got my workout in. I was still outside and I could see the UPS truck, PERFECT! Of course, that only killed 15% of the vast delivery window. During said torture fest I was sure that the driver would show up, don't they always arrive when it is inconvenient. A few times during my harder intervals I sent out telepathic messages 'now would be a good time to show up' ,  'I am not sure I can hold on any longer, please save me' and 'SOS'. NO response, I need to work on my relationship with the UPS man!

My mystery package did arrive and I was here to receive it. I also got a lot accomplished today in the process of waiting. Ralph Waldo Emerson asked the question 'How much of the human life is lost in waiting?'. I can honestly say that this lady in waiting lost nothing, and some spring cleaning got done - and I still have 20 more days of spring:)

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  1. Come on - aren't you going to tell us what was in the mystery package?