Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I went to another session of my summer school last night. I had put a new rear tire on since last week and it was all good to go. Good to go until I actually got to the race and was starting out on the pre ride lap. The fellow I had met and was riding with asked me casually, 'do you always ride your tire pressure so low'. I looked and sure enough, my rear tire was almost flat. See super crew, I knew I should have left well enough alone and stuck with my 3 year old tires and Stan's combination. I had NO tire problems in over 3 years and now twice in one week!! Luckily, there were EMT's on hand. Emergency Mechanical Technicians. I need to tell you that Tommy from Surf City Cyclery is amazing!

Tommy fixing my rear tire
Once the wonder mechanic threw a tube in my 'tubeless' tire and got it back on my bike, he discovered my dirty little secret. My bike was not shifting smoothly, more like barely shifting. I was planning on fixing it later in the week and figured it would just make me work harder. I guess, he discovered that I wasn't prepared for the nights 'exam'. In less than 10 minutes I had a new rear cable and cable housing installed and was sent off to pre ride.

I wasn't a total slacker all week and had done some homework. I had practiced cornering on tight, downhill, off camber turns and was glad the course was almost the same as last week. When it came time to start I was at the back of the group, just like in a real classroom. I learned quickly that this is not where you want to be. At this type of school being a keener in the front is a good idea. Next time. I was able to stay with the sport group and around several sport girls for the first two full laps. I was sitting in third position until halfway through the third lap. Then, just like my rear tire, I went flat. All the air came out of me and I was passed by three girls. My legs told me that I had asked an awful lot of them in the last week and that they had delivered, but now they were DONE. I ended up bringing it in looking much like a party balloon a few days after the party as it floats down from the ceiling. Completely deflated!

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  1. I think it's good you got a flat - you're getting your tire problems out of the way early! Plus learning not to panic when you're at the starting line with a flat is a good thing... pre-race mental training.