Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travelling Light

Today is travel day. ALL DAY. It takes a long time to get from San Diego to St Croix. Travelling to a race means that I need to pack my bike. I haven't done that in a long time, I have driven to all my races in recent years. I am fine with packing the bike. The part I don't like is how much the airline charges to take a bike, have you seen some peoples carry on luggage lately, not much smaller than my bike case, I swear! Mostly, what I am not fond of when taking a bike to the airport is the attention it draws. Standing in line to check in, I am sure to get many puzzled looks. People have no idea why I have such a large piece of luggage. I usually answer their questions truthfully and tell them it is a bicycle. I might even say a racing bike. Hey, they don't know it is a bike, you think they can tell I'm not a pro?! Occasionally, I get tired of the whispering and consulting amongst the nosy people (and I mean nosy in the nicest way possible, maybe they are part of homeland security) and I have been known to say it is my makeup case. You should have seen that guys face drop. Have a look for yourself, and send me your ideas on what I can say when the inevitable question arises. I'll use all ideas and let you know what kind of response I get.

Bike Case

Since I haven't shared a picture of Tana lately, and I know my readers rely on it, here is a picture of her heading out on her vacation at camp. Notice, she travels much lighter than me.

Tana on her way to a week at camp


  1. Tell them it is your child packed in the case:) You will be sure to get even better looks and some strong statements out of that comment.

    Happy travels!

  2. You're going to St. Croix - tell them it's a whole bunch of bikinis! Or how about a set of steel drums to play with a band there. Airlines don't charge for musical instruments...

  3. I had a similar problem once. I ended up telling one smart ass security guard that it was a fold-able hang glider in case things don't go so well on the flight. . .That will go down as perhaps not my smartest comment. . .