Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot and Steamy

Now that I am within a week of the St Croix race, the weather forecasts are available. Currently, they are calling for high 85, low 75, with a 50% chance of rain. Of course they are calling for rain. It has rained at every race I have done this year. If it rains, does that make it 100% humidity. At least no one will be telling me, 'but its a dry heat'. I don't really understand the dry heat thing. When it is 104 degrees, I am not dry! I am glad that it will be warm, maybe even hot. I have raced in the cold two times already this year and will probably experience cold weather in Leadville. I had blue lips at the finish line of both the races and lets face it blue is not an attractive lip color. If it were, L'Oreal would be making long lasting blue lipstick.  I prefer the heat and will be basking in the oppression of it the whole way. Mostly it is for vanity reasons that I like the heat, I look more tan when I am flushed and not blue. Don't be mistaken, I am not saying that I look good at the finish in the heat. I am not a woman who glows, or even perspires, I SWEAT. This is not an attractive feature but it sure comes in handy on race day. My body is very good at cooling itself, and everyone within a 2 metre radius as the water pours out of my pores. Just in case my body has forgotten how to cool itself and handle the heat I have been reminding it. I have been wearing extra layers out on all my bikes and runs. Luckily for me, Mr Do It Yourself built us a steam shower/room a few years ago. I have been using that, too bad my bike and trainer don't fit. A serious triathlete, would have been jogging in place in there, me, I just sat. I promise NO matter what happens on race day, I vow, I will not complain about the heat. My date with the Beast promises to be hot and steamy, the best kind:)

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