Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today, will be my first day in St. Croix. I plan to do a little checking out of the Beast, and the rest of the bike course as well. Some might call this kind of behaviour before a big date pathological. To be fair to the Beast, I will give him a little information on myself. Just to even the playing field. Here are the things that he needs to know about me for us to have a successful encounter.
1- I like to start out slow and build into the relationship.
2- The faster he lets me be on top, the more I will like him.
3-I know that he is not the only bump in the road, I may save something for the other fellas.
4-I have never ridden on the left side of the road before, so I may get on his wrong side early on.
5-I didn't get a new outfit for the date, didn't want to put too much pressure on him.
6-I'm okay if he is mean to other girls but nice to me, especially if they are 40-44.
7-I am not a lush, but a few drinks on our date would be nice, even nicer if I can catch my breath for a sip.
8-I would be impressed if he had a spa day and smoothed out his surface, nice new blacktop comes to mind.
9-I may dance with him, but I am going home with the guy who brung me!
10-I have the protection and the lube.

Yes, that is a 29 tooth cog!

Now I have leveled the playing field a little and maybe the Beast won't be filing a restraining order on me for stalking him. Believe me, I want to spend as little time with him as possible. Although, I am sure he is very nice and handsome;)