Friday, April 2, 2010

Drug of Choice

Everyone has a vice. Mine happens to be LSD. Not sure how this happened but it might have something to do with being a late 60's baby. It is just in my blood.  I love the altered level of being that it produces in me. I can be in a terrible mood and I take a hit and I am overflowing with happiness. The physical side effects aren't as wonderful as the mental ones. Sure, its okay that my heart rate gets elevated and my pupils dilate, but the altered mental state has me hooked. Midway through a trip, I begin to believe that I can do anything, conquer anything. Some medical experts would refer to these thoughts as grandiose delusions, I prefer to think of them as glimpses of possibilities. I love the heightened senses, sunsets sound symphonic and birds chirping look kaleidoscopic.

Just listen to this sunset

Now, don't get me wrong it is not all wonderful. I do experience occasional flashbacks. These usually occur at night and my husband takes the brunt of it. My flashbacks involve wild kicking of my legs and thrashing about.  In my research I have read that LSD is not addictive. I have to say, I disagree. I often display compulsive seeking behavior if it has been too long since I have had Long Slow Distance on my workout schedule.

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