Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Right now my triathlon bike resembles humpty dumpty, after he fell off the wall. Luckily, he didn't fall, unluckily I took him apart. Come to think of it, he might have been better off falling! I am not a fan of doing puzzles, nor am I known for my limitless patience. It is not the first time that I have done this, but the way I am cursing it might be the last. Why, oh why would I do this? You see, my husband is Mr Do It Yourself and is known for his limitless patience. He tells me that bike mechanics are not brain surgeons (although I am sure they could be if they wanted to), and that if I can work a machine that controls a persons vital organs, I should be able to do my own bike work. Should, being the key word there. Yes, I know it is in my best interest that I know how my bicycle works. Really though, if it breaks down in a race, am I going to have the tools and equipment to recable it?? Doubtful!

this is not my bike, this bike is rideable right now!

Today is day two of overhauling the Kestrel. I managed to get the headset taken apart, cleaned and packed the bearings in new grease, and even more impressive, put back together. The front end is able to turn. Confession, I called my husband on the phone from the garage and he came out and helped me put it back together. Next I (read, we) tackled the derailleur cables and cable casings. I love my bike, why else would I still be riding it after 10 years. It is a great bike most of the time. I don't love my bike when I am recabling it. The sleek frame has the cables internally routed through the frame. Great idea, except there is no internal routing system. Basically, you put the cable in one end of the down tube and poke it around hoping it will come out the correct hole at the other end. This is where my potty mouth is in full use. We turn the bike upside down and sideways. We shine a flashlight into the out hole and we poke and poke. I have asked expert bike mechanics how to make it simpler but I guess like a brain surgeon won't tell me how to clip my own aneurysm, they aren't about to give away their secrets! We got the front derailleur done and then I went to book club. When I got home, to my surprise the bike fairies had not been here. My bike wasn't all clean, sparkly and ready to race. I could use some of Cinderellas mice around here! I have a ball to attend in less than 3 weeks and my mount is not going to do me any good until I get him put back together again! Lets hope I can do a better job than all the kings horses and all the kings men.

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  1. For fishing lines through the frame, use a length of twine or heavy fishing line. When you remove the old cable, tie the fishing line to the cable and pull both through. Then tie the line to the new cable and then pull it through. It's alot easier to do then explain, I promise!