Monday, March 22, 2010

So Pretty...

I hear it all the time when I am running. 'She's so pretty'. I have gotten accustomed to hearing it, I expect to hear it. I am a magnet for male attention when I am running, usually the under 10 variety and 'she's so pretty' is always followed by 'can I pet her?'. This weekend the little boy made sure my head didn't swell and I knew who he was talking about being pretty when he said 'she's so pretty and (pause...) you're so sweaty! NICE, he might need to work on his lines with the ladies for the future - or not;)

so pretty...

I have been to Leadville, it is breath taking beautiful. Breath taking because it is at 10,000ft as well. Last week a friend mentioned casually on a ride that I can work on my climbing ability but really my bread and butter is windy, flats. I looked up the Leadville course elevation profile and it seems to fit the bill- if you squint at it long enough it really does start to look flat.


Leadville 100 mtb course elevation

At least the graph is pretty, and didn't I just say that for every climb there has to be a downhill? This graph seems to prove my point. Actually, I don't see any flat sections so maybe there will be wind? One can hope. Just to be safe though, I will keep riding lots of hills and working on my climbing. 

Rode this climb last week

The next six weeks I get to be a triathlete.That doesn't mean I am going to ignore my bike handling skills, wear funny socks and walk around in my ironman finisher t-shirts. It means I am going to focus on enjoying my swimming, biking and running workouts. I might miss the smell of the chlorine coming out of my pores come August so I better soak alot of it up now.

Super crew Alison and I on a so pretty desert ride!


  1. Can't wait to do both of the rides pictured here again!

  2. Do you get to practice using a Bento box again?! :)

    windy flats huh? I don't know if I'd be more scared of the uphill or the DOWNhill. You're going to rock!