Thursday, March 18, 2010

Group Ride

No naked laps for me today, or anyone else (unless Corky did some after we left, which he may have). Group rides are always interesting, you put together a bunch of athletes with varying abilities and competitive personalities and who knows what will happen. This group was fabulous and we had a great time today.

Pre ride, birthday boy in yellow in middle

There were lots of hills and I used them to work on my seated power. It was hard to not stand up on some of the climbs but I did it (except for that the one time, Pat!). We saw some beautiful parts of the county and were on rural roads most of the time. Watch out for a new fragrance on the market, eau de country, pretty sure we will make a killing with it;) The inspiration was the chicken farm we rode by. Nancy preferred the smell of the citrus groves, can't imagine why?! 

Mid ride fuel stop

For every uphill there is a greater and funner downhill and we had some swoopy, curvy descents today. I made up for my lack of climbing finesse by bombing down the hills. Pretty sure that there will be downhills at Leadville since it starts and finishes at the same place and with 13,000ft of ascending my math says 13,000ft of descending- can you say WOOHOO!! 

Post ride we got to play some volleyball. Well, most of us played, I was just decoration.

post ride, fast twitch muscle training in deep sand

These guys are all amazing athletes and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to hang with them. When I need inspiration and motivation I don't have to go very far. Thanks for the ride today guys and for all the miles to come in my quest to make it to Leadville! You guys rock!! 


  1. I am curious if anyone too advantage of the Hot Baths for 25 cents (see sign in the group picture);)

  2. none of the girls were brave enough - Corky might have video equipment set up. Pat took advantage though - watch out on youtube Pat, you could be starring!

  3. Corkys party looks like it was s big hit :)