Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Every since I made it known that I have an entry into the Leadville 100 I have been getting questions. Most of these questions have been asked multiple times. I am going to do my best to answer them all today.

This yard sculpture looks like Answers to me

Do you ride your mountain bike alot? - Not really, should I?

Have you ever ridden 100 miles on a mountain bike? - No, do I look like a lunatic! I have ridden over 100 miles before on the road though. I have heard that this course has fire road - so I am good.

How long will that take? - Who knows, see above. I do know that the official cut off is 12 hours so I am hoping less than 12 hours. It will take as long as it takes, and I will keep going. Hopefully, Supercrew is training for a long day! It took Lance Armstrong less than 6.5 hours so maybe 7;)

Are you a good climber? - Um, NO! What would be the challenge if I was a good climber and I had ridden 100 miles. Come on now!

Do you have a coach?- I don't need one. I can ask The Todd anything I need to know. Also, why would I pay someone to tell me what I already know. Ride your bike lots, ride up hills and um, you are in over your head!

How much mileage are you going to do? - As little as possible!

Don't you have a job? - Yes, I am a trophy wife. 

Are you getting a new bike? - No, see above if you wonder why. Honestly, my bike is more bike than I need with my skills!

Do you have sponsors? - Do you see any sponsor logos on this blog? - Drop me a line if you want me to shamelessly promote and plug your product. I can't promise that I will be at the front of the race but I think last ass over the pass gets lots of attention too;)

Are you going to lose weight? - Really, do you know I am a chick? Do you wonder why you are single? REALLY, you just asked me that? Since I didn't get myself a pair of C's, I am saving weight right there! 

Do you have a training plan? You are assuming that I thought this through and am not flying by the seat of my pants. I am still hoping the holding my breath method is going to work for the altitude!

Are you CRAZY? ( this question in an email from my BFF since we were 3. I love that she still has to ask this question!) - If you read my answers to all the other questions you can probably come to a conclusion on this one yourself. 

All of these questions, except that last one, come with a not so discreet head to toe examination of me. My answer to the question that is on their faces at this point is - Can you see the engine?  

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