Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Steps

One of my readers (thats right, I can put an 's' on reader, my husband is not the only  one reading:)) asked me to explain my signature name Kiki. Simply, Kiki was my nickname when I was little. Not so simply, I chose to use it here because this is all about going back to childhood. The days when we weren't sure we could do something but we tried anyways. Think about how many times a baby tries to stand up and falls down before they are successful. Come to think of it, if I could stand up without falling down I wouldn't have the fancy tape job I am sporting on my left shoulder right now! When does the fear of failing at something out weigh the joy of trying? Is what holds us back the judgement we think we will face? When learning to speak none of  us pronounced things properly at first (which is how Kiki came about, as most adults can't pronounce my given name so how could another kid?). We kept at it and eventually we stopped baby talking. - that is unless you are a female contestant on the Bachelor and then you still baby talk, but really we have other things we are judging you for than the way you speak! So on this journey I am on, I will fall down, and I will not have technique correct all the time, and I will not be perfect. I will try though, and I will keep trying and I will not worry about failing, I will focus on the baby steps and will celebrate the minuscule improvements.

Picture of me after falling down

My favorite quote of all times is 'one day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching'. What kind of movie do you want yours to be? I hope to be watching a comedic, adventurous love story.

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