Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Omen

I might have an injury. Thats right, three days into this blog and already talking injury. I wish I could say it was an overuse injury from all my training. No, I injured myself doing something anyone could do, I fell down some stairs. Remember I mentioned that I ran a marathon in February. Well, that day afterwards I managed to slip and fall down some stairs. The bag of groceries I was carrying went flying and I was in a heap. Problem is, I had pretty wrecked legs which couldn't stop my fall and I put out my left hand. I jammed my shoulder pretty good. The upside is it took my mind off of how sore my legs were.

this is why the stairs were slippery and I fell

Being that I am my mothers daughter, I denied that I hurt anything for awhile - read one month. Finally, it was obvious that it wasn't going away so I sought treatment. (after my husband told me I was being ridiculous!). Today, I went back to the torture chamber and had another ART (active release treatment) done on it. When I looked up from the table I saw a photo montage of a guy who had done Leadville. Perfect, while being taken to my pain edge I was staring at the words Leadville. I am training all the time, even on the table I am doing pain association training!! Pain is just weakness leaving the body and I can tell you that Dr. Robs office was full of weakness when I left. He thinks one more visit and he will have it fixed- guess if there is something to fix it is time to admit there is something wrong:(

Today was an amazing Southern California day. My bike short tan lines are coming along nicely. Pretty sure it is from time on the bike, not time sitting at the coffee shop post ride. Jen is in town for spring break and we rode today. I tried to impress with my newfound talent and took off my arm warmers while riding, I didn't even take her down;)

Me, P, and Jen celebrating her birthday 2008

Tomorrow is Corkys birthday ride. Corky loves to climb hills and says we have a 50 mile ride with 5000+ feet of climbing. Note the + , that basically means it is over 5000ft but it doesn't say how over! After the bike ride volleyball is on tap. I think that I will intimidate the opponents before I step on the court when they see my shoulder;)

This tape is amazing, instantly removes the pain 

Corky says that if you don't make the loop tomorrow you need to do naked laps of the volleyball court. To avoid this I may be practicing my bike pushing tomorrow!

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