Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Best Summer Ever

Hello human friends, because my dog friends are not able to read you might need to read this to them. I wanted to let you know that I am having the BEST summer of my life, and it is not even officially summer yet. I am loving life in the mountains. At first I wasn't sure about all this white stuff I am encountering on the ground but I am learning that it is pretty good for eating when I am thirsty. Yes, I know, I am a snow dog but post holing through it isn't that much fun. When I can cruise over the top of it, I love it. Don't forget I am OLD, as a human I am closing in on 80. Look good don't I? My human is doing some crazy event this summer and I am doing my best to get her into shape. I walk her twice a day and take her for super fun trail runs. 

I wasn't sure about the start of this adventure, I barely had room to spread out!

I've developed quite the bone collection. The other day I dragged a whole rib home. My hunting skills are getting tuned.

Sometimes I ride shotgun, my bones are filling up my bed:0

I've finally learned that if I listen I get some privileges, it's the summer of freedom!

 There are lots of ground squirrels up above tree line, it's worth the effort to get there

Check out the view, I am on top of the world-almost

After a hard workout everyone should ice their legs.

Today I am resting, HARD. I don't know what my human is planning for me tomorrow and I need to be ready! If any of you want to visit let me know. I can show you where to foxes live, where the best bone hunting grounds are and I've figured out how to get through snow drifts. Like I said, it's the BEST SUMMER EVER! Love Tana


  1. Hi Kiki,
    Thanks for your note on my blog :). I've been following you for awhile but I'm not a "real" trail runner so haven't commented (I don't think).

    I will be up there this Monday and would LOVE to run part of the SR course, maybe the first 9 miles up or so, then back down. And after this Monday, I plan to be up there for a run every Wednesday. If any of these work for you, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE the company (but I am not fast at all and walk a lot of the uphills, I don't want to slow anyone done...). Just email me (reply to this) if any interest.

    P.S. Your dog is super cute :).

  2. Tana - you are so lucky! I won't tell the dogs at the shelter I volunteer at as they would be so jealous at the best dog life you are living!
    PS. Keep on listening to your mom otherwise your off lease privileges will be revoked!

  3. Looks like you're having a great time scoping things out. Hope that snow keeps melting fast. I can't make it out there until right before the marathon but then I get to stay until the SR events. How long are you staying out there?