Monday, May 27, 2013

Shouldering the Responsibility

Last week within three days I received two different shoulder surgery photos. One from my mountain bike bud The Todd. He was out training and crashed, ended up shattering the head of his right humerus. Got lucky, didn't need shoulder replacement, they could fix it. BUT, now he is out of the Leadville Trail 100. I have been looking forward all year to spending time riding with him in the mountains. Now that isn't going to happen. 

Speedy recovery The Todd.
Addendum, The Todd now is slowly becoming the 6 million dollar man:)

Three days later it was my running buddy Waynes Worlds turn. We had known he was going to need surgery on his shoulder. All winter and spring though we held hope that he would recover quickly and be back at it fast. He is registered to run the Leadville Trail 100. Now it seems he won't be recovered quickly enough. Not to do the training, but he will be running again by then- just not 100 miles. I was so looking forward to running the start of the race with him. He needs me to hold him back a bit a the start. Keeping fingers crossed that he will be up for some training before the race.

Speedy recovery Wayne's World

So, now that the two boys are on the injured reserve list it leaves me to shoulder the responsibility of getting to the finish line of both 100's. I'll do my best boys but I'll be missing you every pedal and step of the way! Hope my shoulders are broad enough to handle the load:)

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