Sunday, December 11, 2011

Making Memories

Exactly one week ago tonight I crashed my mom and her friends party and ran the Vegas Strip at night with them in a half marathon. It was a great night and a fabulous way to see the strip. Since I was basically a Vegas Virgin I loved getting to see all the lights and having bands playing along the way. I felt like a rock star, because really, how often do they close down the strip and let it be taken over at night be masses of others with a passion for running. (I'll give you a hint- once a year:))

Heading out to Rock n Roll

It was a fantastic night and even more amazing was sharing the experience with my mom. I love it when we can make new memories to cherish of time and things done together. I am super excited to see how much she has taken to running and how much she enjoys it. Not to mention she is really good at it. It was her second half marathon ever and she placed 4th in her age division out of almost 200 women. Talk abut rocking the rock and roll half! I am one proud daughter.

Alien self portrait, yes I geeked out and ran with my camera

Mandatory pre race high fashion poncho to keep warm

Almost at the finish, just go to the light

It was a little chilly at the end


  1. Thanks for letting me tag along! Nice to meet your mom and her friends!

  2. Awesome! Great self-portrait BTW...