Friday, December 23, 2011

Be the Peace

This time of year everyone seems so frantic and rushed not to mention distracted. Everywhere you go you come across that frenzied look in the eyes and the sense of urgency. It is a shame that a season that represents joy and cheer to so many has become about to do lists and meeting expectations. Instead of wishing for peace this holiday season take time to manifest the peace within you and be the peace of the season. If each and everyone of us did this there truly could be peace on earth. So next time you are waiting in a too long line, or stopped in traffic on your way somewhere use those extra moments to reflect on all that is wonderful in your life. Take a few deep breaths and realize time is a gift and if you are always rushing somewhere you miss all the wonderful little things in the moments. Snow falling, giving you extra work to do, take time to really admire a single snowflake, sit in front of a fire and watch the flames silently, hard not to feel some peace when you just take the time. Take the time to do something that brings you joy and merriment instead of the must do items and you will find the peace everyone is wishing for. Be the Peace.

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