Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Angels

Yesterday I was cruising along on my bike, enjoying another day of great December riding weather in So Cal and really enjoying the base phase of training. I love the concept of early base training, build up the miles and stress the body for physiological adaptations by adding volume but not intensity. The high effort high heart rate sessions will come but for now it is all about being out there and putting in the time. So there I was cruising along with a good friend on one of my favorite stretches of road and bam out of nowhere I had a head on collision. Wham right between the eyes flew a drunken bee and it stung me. Not that big of a deal, except for I am allergic to bee stings. It hurt pretty bad instantly so I knew the sucker had released a fair amount of venom into me, right between the eyes. Stopped on the side of the road with no regard to traffic just frantic to get the stinger out. Luckily, for me Heidi got the stinger out and got me out of the middle of the road. We continued on to the next store because of course like any well prepared person I had no benadryl with me. (note, I did have my epi pen but since I wasn't going into anaphylaxis it wasn't necessary, and it was base training, I did not need my heart rate to reach 200 beats per minute at a standstill). While riding I was okay but I felt the itching beginning in my eyes and ears. My scalp started to tingle but we were moving along and it was tolerable.

Tolerable until we stopped. As soon as we pulled into the store parking lot and stopped I became a lunatic. I looked like someone on a bad trip trying to get the bugs off of me. The itching was so severe and I ripped off my helmet and glasses and was frantically jumping around and scratching my head vigorously. I couldn't stop myself even though I was attracting some attention and strange looks. Luckily, the store was equipped with Benadryl and I promptly dosed myself with 50mg. Now, I have been stung enough times to know that 25mg will take the edge off but not the itching. 50mg will make me a zombie but will take away the itching and keep the swelling to a minimum. Of course, I also know that 50mg means there is little hope of me making it home on my bicycle when we have at least 2 hours left taking the shortest route possible. I got some ice and Heidi made some calls and found me another angel in my friend Cherry to come and rescue me. During this time a friendly man that had witnessed my psychotic break offered up an instant ice pack out of his car first aid kit. I had some ice already so declined but it was nice to have so many helpful souls in the vicinity. It was a 30 minute ride back to where Cherry would be picking me up and since the itching was less noticeable when I was moving we set off. Luckily, all I had to do was focus on following Heidi's wheel in front of me but I could feel that my eyes were starting to get smaller and heavier. By the time we got to the rendezvous point the benadryl was in full force. I was like a drunk. I'm pretty sure that I was professing my love to them over and over and over again. To be honest I have very little recollection of how I got in the car, or my bike being loaded or the drive home. All I remember is that I felt very grateful and that I got home.

Swelling 1 hour post sting
Now one day later I find myself writing this looking through slits, my vision of the world has been narrowed and I am a little hungover from my benadryl induced coma. I am trying to use topical benadryl only today because I do not like the foggy headed feeling and the worst should be over by now, right? The bee actually did me a favor. I have wondered what it would be like to be without my furrow brow lines and now I know. Although, I am not 100% sure because I can't see that well and I think with a botox injection I would still have open eyes and my nose wouldn't be twice as wide as normal. I have heard that a botox shot feels like a slight sting, I can tell you that there is no way I'd pay to feel that! I look more like I went a round with Ali, can't wait for the swelling to come down and the funny colours to appear. Could be a few days before I can swim again, there is no way I could get goggles to seal. Also, I won't be able to wear my contacts for a few more days. Looks like I will have to be creative on my workouts.
24 hours post sting, bee could have gone a little higher to get the full botox benefit:)
I am so thankful that during this holiday season that I have so many angels in my life. I am thankful for my wonderful friends everyday but yesterday I realized how truly blessed I am, and I do love you guys! (even sober I will profess my love for you:))

PS, I now have a stash of benadryl in every tool kit on every bike, in every wallet and purse I own, in my swim bag, in my car, and in my travel kit. I also have an epi pen in all those places but thankfully that hasn't been necessary to use. Me Hearty asked me if I get stung more than other riders, I haven't been stung at all this year until yesterday. I told him that I didn't think so, I just have a horrible reaction and a little bee sting is a HUGE inconvenience for me. 

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  1. Bugger! Hope you feel better each day!