Monday, December 26, 2011

Feats of Strength

Our celebration of Festivus was a huge success and will be a tradition that lives on in our family. Here are some pictures of our evening activities.

First Feat of Strength wall sitting

Next up was standing jumps (extra points for wearing a dress?)
Two foot stick landing required

Me Hearty definitely knows my weakness and he picked the explosive power jumping knowing I have no sense of timing or coordination, but I happily stuck the landing several times.

Since I WAY outlasted him on the wall sit I was the victor.

Let me just say that I think he gave up way early on the wall sit, I mean he wasn't shaking or sweating or anything and he just caved. He told me he knew he couldn't outlast me so he figured it didn't make sense to last another minute and still be beaten. (my tactic of telling him that I could go for 5 mins or more worked:)) The victor of the feats of strength was then required to wrestle the head of household to the ground. It took me 15 minutes to catch and pin her because I wasn't allowed to grab her collar. She eventually succumbed to my supreme domination (but she struggled for a couple of minutes while pinned, she doesn't give up as easily as some people in this house). I am now reigning champion of Festivus for a year. I have a sneaky feeling next year there will be some upper body feats of strength, I had better get training.

Family photo around the Festivus pole
(someone still didn't want to surrender!)

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  1. I love how Tana is supervising. And how Tim is wearing his slippers... to psych you out maybe?