Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Wheeled Lessons

Riding my mountain bike last week I realized that so many of life's lessons are magnified while riding in the dirt. There is something about being out mid week on deserted trails in crisp autumn air and sunshine that just brings it all together. Here are some of the tips I thought worth sharing.

- if you happen to pick up an annoying stick into your drive train and it doesn't go away on it's own in short time, it is TOTALLY worth the time and energy to stop and rid yourself of it before it is around too long and causes too much damage. the sooner you get it out of your life, er drivetrain the quicker it is forgotten and all is quiet and smooth again.

- you go where you are looking so make sure to set your sights on where you want to end up.

- take the time to celebrate the little things. I'm still doing a little whoop whoop every time I go up and over a curb. it's okay to celebrate victories that you have worked hard for, but you don't have to throw a giant party each time.

- if you look beyond the scary obstacles that are right in front of you, you can get through and over them easier. Everything looks way worse and magnified when viewed close up, look through it and you'll be over it without even realizing it. Or you'll crash but at least you tried to get through it.

- you don't have to know where you are going to end up to enjoy the journey there. some of the best rides are with no purpose on trails that you don't know. if you never go into the unknown you'll never know what is possible, think of your life as the world and you are a mini Columbus.

- sticks and stones can hurt your bones, but bones heal, brains don't. (okay, I learned that as a nurse but I remember it often when I see people who don't seem to think their brains are worth protecting)

- if we never go through a rocky patch we don't know how great the smooth flowy trail is, and if approached with the right mindset the rocky patches end up being the most fun

- the mind and body do not have a 50 50 relationship. sometimes it is 100% the mind and other times the body. they don't keep track and hold a grudge. be willing to give 100% in all your relationships, but also be willing to at times take.

- the legs couldn't do what they do without the parts in supportive roles. take care of that which supports you, chamois cream and pedicures, and the support will remain there. don't take care of it and see how much harder it is with a nasty festering saddle sore, being in the support position is just as hard and important.

- once you've cleaned a part of the trail that has always stumped you, you will always clean it. keep working at the hard stuff, it's worth it when you get it, and once you know you can do something, you can do it.

- no matter how daunting or long a task seems if you just break it down into sections and tackle one at a time you will get through it.

-we're never too old to play and wearing pigtails while screeching and giggling like a little girl totally ups the fun factor in life.

- dirt washes off, so does blood. wounds heal and scars are just tattoos with cooler stories. I want to get to the finish line of life looking like I actually drove my body didn't just let it sit in a show room and collect dust.

- the more baggage you try to take with you the harder it is to get anywhere. just ask those guys carrying 30lb camel backs up Columbine!

- the best outcomes are achieved when you approach all situations relaxed and with an absence of fear.

What lessons have you learned on two wheels?

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