Saturday, November 19, 2011

Setting Goals

The topic of goals has been floating around here lately. Mostly because it is the time of year when I start having the athletes I work with plan out their next season and establish their goals. It helps me to plan out their training and season if I know what they are wanting to accomplish. My mission is to do prepare them for reaching their goals, not mine. Almost all of them have said to me during this time, 'do you think that this is an unrealistic goal'. Of course, none of them have been. They have set some tough goals that are going to take dedication and work but all are achievable.  Luckily, none of them set a goal for making the 2012 Olympic team, I would have had to put them off to 2016:)

Contemplating 2012

When I set goals for myself I always find that they inspire me through the tough workouts and more often than not get me out the door. I think that it is okay to set some soft goals, those that we are pretty sure we can achieve. It is great for confidence to feel success along the way but the best goals are the ones that you know will take all you have to reach. The higher the goal the higher you will aim and the more growth you will experience. In my own goal setting this year I am aiming for the stars, maybe I'll only make a lunar landing but at least I'll clear the atmosphere:)

'Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it' -Ghandi

Kiki's Kulinary

Chocolate Ginger Macaroons and Vanilla Almond Macaroons

One of my goals is to have a constant supply of these in my dehydrator!

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