Saturday, January 1, 2011

Remembering the Moments

Memories are made up of moments and 2010 had so many amazing moments for me. When the movie of my life flashes before my eyes the 2010 highlight reel is going to be spectacular! 2010 is now in the can and here are some of the climaxes.

10) At the end of August I received a package in the mail. It contained the finishers medal from the Ironman Canada kids race and a note. The note said -We watched Ironman and it was so windy from the north. We got sand in our teeth. You picked a good race to miss. PS. Last year there was an annoying announcer whenever someone crossed he would say you are an ironman. PPS I ran in the fun run. We got sand blasted. Erika. I was so touched that they sent me their medal that I cried. Yup, my little buddies are amazing! I love them!

Thanks Lindsay and Erika!

9) Watching my friend Jess bowl. I swear, I have never seen someone so violent, and that was Wii bowling. Prior to actually partaking in the bowling she had told us how sore she always was the next day, we quickly learned why. The dogs also learned to clear a wide berth around her when it was her turn. When we went real bowling I was laughing even harder. Thanks for the good times, Jess! Yes, I plan to use her techniques in the future because she managed to score much higher than I did:)

8) On my birthday I got the best present ever! Me Hearty and Tana went for a run with me. BEST present ever, a family run! I think it is all part of his charity work. He started a foundation this year called KKH. Keep Kiki Happy, it was a successful year. Of course, he wants everyone to know that cash donations are always welcome.

7) Watching super crew Alison complete her journey to the finish line at Ironman Arizona. It was so rewarding to be part of someone elses dream and goal. It was even a better when she told me she wanted to do it again.

6) Diving into the bio luminescent bay while night kayaking on the US VI of St Croix. I loved how the water lit up with our paddling but it was even cooler when swimming in it. Let's be honest, I loved every minute I spent in the water on that vacation. The most beautiful water I have ever been in, warm and crystal clear.

Paddling out past the Mangrove trees to the bay

5) Watching the Shamu show at Sea world with my 7 year old niece and having her say 'uncle is sure smart to tell us not to sit in the splash zone, they are getting REALLY wet'. She had so much fun and wanted pictures of everything. She documented the important things on my camera for me.

I think she has a future as a photojournalist!

4) Sharing in the love as my two good friends Tony and Cherry exchanged vows and were married. I love love, and that day there was so much of it in the air. Even the peacock couldn't help but be drawn into the happiness of the day and expressed his joy- right in the middle of the vows!

The Newlyweds

3) What girl doesn't like it when her man protects her? Well, I am no exception and when my manly man was awoken by a certain Pepe Le Pew sniffing around in the vestibule he sprang to action and defended his territory. I wonder if he would have been so brave if he had known it was Pepe and not Rocky the Raccoon? It is easier to be brave when you are not aware of all the dangers.Of course after all the warnings the rangers in Yosemite had given us about bears, the most dangerous wildlife we encountered was a skunk. Luckily, on both of his visits - yup, he came back a second time, can't blame him, Me Hearty does smell good- he left peacefully. It was rather funny to witness though:) 

2)Cresting the beast during the Half Ironman in St Croix. It was made even better by Me Hearty being a the top and witnessing my slaying the monster. I also managed to pass a few blokes, which helped raise this moment up the list;)

Straight up, helped by the pie plate gearing I had!

1) You all probably think that you know what my number one moment of 2010 was. You think it was when I crossed the finish line at the Leadville trail 100. Well, you are almost right.That day is filled with 11 hours worth of moments that I will carry with me for a lifetime.  My number one best memory of 2010 was when I crested the hill and saw the finish line. That was the moment that it sunk in that I had accomplished what I had set out to do one year before.

Leadville Trail 100 finisher and my amazing crew!

'A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.'