Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to My Roots

As part of my master plan for making the PR in my half marathon this year, I am returning to where it all began. The place where I took up jogging and some biking. The biking was to get around places since I didn't have a car and the jogging was my attempt at shedding the freshman more than 15, I had gained. I figure that running a half marathon along a route that I once considered a LONG bike ride would provide inspiration. I could catch glimpses of the younger me along the way and smile as I realize that I am running as fast as I biked. The course follows what is still some of my favorite beaches and parts of Vancouver so I will have lots of spectacular scenery to draw strength from along the way.

Spanish Banks

Now that I am running consistently again and I am able to run over an hour, albeit a slow hour run, I am thrilled to be back out on my trails. I have several runs that I never tire of and on the weekend I realized why. Even though I got to enjoy many of these areas on my mountain bike all summer nothing beats the sensory experience of running through blooming citrus groves. I didn't realize how much I missed my favorite running loops. This is going to be a great year because in my quest to get back to my roots I will be back on my routes.

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