Saturday, January 15, 2011

Payment in Red

I feel kinda bad. While most of North America is covered in snow and having blizzards (and not the delicious DQ kind) we had an amazing January day. The kind of day when you leave the house at 7:30 am for your bike ride and you are wearing shorts. The kind of day that you actually go through your water bottles by the time you reach the replenishing stop. The kind of day where for just a brief glimpse you remember what summer is and how much you miss it. It was glorious, and I enjoyed every pedal stroke along the way. When I hear about snow days, and icy cold ski hills I should get a pang of guilt. Guess what, I don't. I love that I have a slight tan line on my leg, overlooking how unattractive a bike short tan line is, and it is from a ride in the middle of January. Instead of being remorseful as I thought about those of you suffering through real winter temperatures, I rejoiced and soaked up every minute of it for all of you. I even had some extra minutes to enjoy the balmy weather because although mother nature was looking out for me, the universe still thinks that I should hit every red light on every route that I take! Hey, if I my penance is a few (read, A LOT of) red lights for a day in the high 70's in January, I'll keep paying!


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  2. Well today I didn't need to touch my bottle on my ride at all, instead I just opened my mouth and kept going forward! At least it was a warm rain.

    And oops - not sure how I deleted my comment, but anyway - it better be like that when we're there in March!