Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whether or Not?

It is December and for those of us in the northern hemisphere that means it is winter.(oh, how I wish I could float between two hemispheres and live in eternal spring and summer!).  Inclement weather is just a regular part of this season. Nothing tests motivation more than facing the harsh elements to venture out for a bike ride or run. The worst part always seems to be getting out the door and leaving the cozy warm confines of my home. I often end up with an internal dialogue debating the merits of getting my workout done or finishing a good book. Whether I should curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea or brave old man winter. Whether I should go to the gym to run on the treadmill or whether I should put on another layer and head outdoors. Whether it would keep me warmer to ride my mountain bike on the trails or whether I should put on some good music and rack the bike on the indoor trainer. In the process of making my decisions I check the forecast as well as the current outside temperature, which I then compare to the inside temperature for choosing my clothing options. I also look out the window and ask me hearty what he thinks it is like outside. Being that he works outside all day he is a reliable source, more reliable than many a meteorologist seems to be. Finally, I look at the dog for clues. This morning she is curled up in a ball with her tail over her nose, that means it is cold! (except she just had a bath so maybe it means something else today). Over the weekend we had a massive winter storm move through but that didn't stop me donning my shorts and short sleeve jersey and facing the unseasonable temperature of 80 degrees. I know my dedication is amazing and I can only hope that my readers can take inspiration from my suffering in the dead of winter. It is rough but I will get it done weather or not!

Mom and her Friends at the Jingle 5km (note the snow in the background!)
PS. My mom is not the pregnant lady!


  1. You suck. You should not be allowed to post about winter! Actually, neither should I for that matter since I live in the one part of Canada that doesn't really get snow.

    FYI, when I lived in the Caribbean, the lack of seasons got old after a while. Eternal summer seems awesome... until you want to wear that cute sweater and it's still 85 degrees F.

  2. In reality I'm just jealous of the southern California winter...

  3. I always want to hibernate this time of year. And we don't even live where it is that cold!! :)